How Much Snow Needs to Accumulate Before I Have to Start Shoveling?

Winter is arriving soon, are you ready? Snow shoveling can become a daily chore for many people. However, not many are aware of how much snow needs to accumulate before starting to shovel. Shoveling snow is essential to keeping your sidewalks, driveways, and stairs safe and snow and ice free. So, how much snow accumulation is too much? In this blog post, GreenMax Services give you everything you need to know about snow accumulation and shoveling.

The rule of thumb is to start shoveling snow when it reaches 4 inches. When snow reaches this depth, it can become challenging to remove, and it is also dangerous to walk or drive on especially if it is heavy snow. So, it’s better to start shoveling when it reaches this depth. However, if you have some physical limitations or any health concerns, it’s better to start shoveling at a lesser amount of snow build-up.

There isn’t a set amount of snow build-up that indicates when to shovel, but it’s better to start early than wait too long. Clearing your property of snow is essential to prevent damage, accidents, and ice build-up. Shoveling snow can be a tiring activity, so take your time and be safe while you do it. If you have any health issues or physical limitations, it’s best to seek help from professional snow removal & deicing services from GreenMax Services located right here in Hayden. We want to wish you a safe and happy winter!

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