What Are the Components of a Vegetation Management Plan?

A vegetation management plan is essential to ensure a healthy landscape and prevent future issues. This plan includes 3 components that enable the manager or owner of a landscape to maintain the area properly.

  1. It comprehensively inspects and inventories the current state of vegetation in the area. It also includes creating a detailed account of all existing trees, shrubs, weeds, and invasive species and additional notes regarding potential conflicts among them.
  2. Corresponding goals and objectives related to maintenance are identified for the space. As part of formulating these goals, stakeholders must consider factors like compliance with laws and ordinances and safety concerns for people and animals entering or within the living space.
  3. Evaluation metrics can be established to measure success or failure in achieving goals. Comprehensive vegetation management plans enable the efficient improvement of landscapes through proper planning and development processes while ensuring legal compliance and safety.

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