Who Is Responsible for Shoveling the Snow on My Sidewalk?

Winter can be a magical season, but it can also be a treacherous one, especially when it comes to snow and ice on sidewalks. As a responsible business owner, homeowner, or tenant in the Post Falls area, you want to make sure that your Post Falls property is safe for pedestrians, but you may be wondering who is responsible for the task of shoveling snow and eliminating ice from your sidewalks and driveways.

In most cities and towns, it is the responsibility of property owners – both residential and commercial property owners to clear their sidewalks of snow and ice within a certain period after the snow has stopped falling. This means that the sidewalk must be cleared before a certain deadline (usually 24 hours), or the owner may be fined. In some cities, tenants are responsible for shoveling their sidewalks, but this is not the case in all cities. If your city or town requires you to keep your sidewalk clear, it is definitely worthwhile hiring a snow removal & deicing company to clear the snow for you.

Clearing snow from sidewalks can be a pain, but it is essential for keeping people safe and preventing accidents. In most cities, the responsibility of clearing the snow falls to the property owner or tenant, within a certain period after the snow has stopped falling. Different cities can have specific regulations on how the snow should be removed, so it is always best to check with your city or town hall. Invest in a good quality snow shovel or snowblower and your safety gear or hire professionals for your snow removal & deicing services. Let’s do our part this winter season and keep the sidewalks clear and safe for everyone.

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