3 Top Essential Lawn Care Services to Look for in Your Landscaping Company

A well-manicured lawn adds curb appeal to your home or business and can create a welcoming environment for guests and clients. But, it can be challenging to maintain your lawn all-year-round. That’s why investing in a reliable landscaping company that offers essential lawn care services is critical. Here are the top three essential lawn care services to look for in your landscaping company.

  • Fertilization & Weed Control Services – Applying fertilizers to your lawn regularly can enhance its color, texture, and growth.
  • Aeration & Power Raking Services – Aeration is beneficial to your lawn’s root system by allowing water, air, and nutrients to penetrate the soil. Irrigation, on the other hand, ensures your lawn receives adequate water to maintain its health. Power raking is to get rid of thatch from a lawn. Thatch is a buildup of organic matter that is made up of both living and dead plants, including stems, leaves, roots, and any mulch or lawn clippings that have been left behind by a mower.
  • Lawn Pest Control Services – Your lawn is susceptible to different pests that can damage its appearance and health. This service should include identifying pests and implementing appropriate measures to keep your lawn free from these pests.

A well-groomed lawn enhances the beauty and health of your property, and that’s why it is essential to invest in reliable lawn care services. The landscaping company you choose should provide fertilization and weed control, aeration and power raking, and pest control to support the health and appearance of your lawn. Choose a company that is experienced, offers customized services, and uses eco-friendly products to avoid harmful chemicals that can cause damage to your lawn and the environment.

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