How Many Times a Year Should My Lawn Health Care Company Come Out?

Maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn requires routine maintenance and care. Hiring a lawn health care company can help ensure your lawn continues to thrive with treatments such as fertilization, weed control, and pest management. However, many homeowners may wonder how often these services are necessary. Here are a few questions your lawn health care company needs to know to know how many times a year your lawn health care company should come out to keep your lawn in top shape?

  1. How big is your lawn?
  2. What specific needs does your lawn require?
  3. Do you have patches in your lawn?
  4. Do you need pest control?
  5. Do You need weed control?

Keeping a healthy lawn requires a combination of routine care and professional lawn health care services. While the frequency of these lawn health care services may vary depending on your specific lawn needs, it’s always best to consult with your lawn health care company to develop a personalized treatment plan. By working together with Hayden’s GreenMax Services, you can ensure your lawn stays healthy, vibrant, and beautiful all year long.

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